Review – Machine Girl (2008)

I have a hard time explaining why I enjoy certain movies.  I love Evil Dead 2, but I can’t defend that love.  All I can say is that it was enormously entertaining and it surprised me.  Both are increasingly difficult to achieve, but they’ve been achieved by the cheapo Japanese gore flick, Kataude Mashin Gâru – Machine Girl.

Much like the character of Ash in the beloved Evil Dead features, Ami is a victim who is eventually pushed to a point where she seeks vengeance for the wrongs done to her and her family.  That’s about it as far as plot goes, but it tells you little in regard to what this movie really is.  Here’s a list to straighten it all out for you.

1. MG is a thousand percent better than the crappy Planet Terror that it’s often compared to.

2.  Fountains of blood are spewed forth from every gaping wound in the movie.  Fountains.  Firehoses must have been used.

3.  I laughed out loud throughout except for a couple of scenes of cruelty as only the Japanese can imagine it.

4.  After Effects must have been the biggest expenditure for the production.

5.  Despite #4, this movie is way better than anything Troma Films has ever made.

6.  The machine gun arm looks like it was made from PVC and nerf blasters and yet it still ends up being cool.

7.  I actually found myself rooting for Ami, and not just because of the short skirt.  (The bikini-clad zombie killer in Onechanbara elicited no such response)

8.  This movie shows that shot-on-video trash can be fun and successful without making you seek counseling after watching (I’m talking to you, Human Centipede).

9.  Gore can still be a rib tickler even in the wake of rampant torture porn horror movies.

10.  Japanese films still have terrible, cheesy music.  Machine Girl is no exception, but for some reason it works here

So that’s it.  I liked it.  You may or may not.  I can’t recommend it unless you enjoyed seeing Ash’s zombiefied girlfriend in Evil Dead 2 slam his head into that window, over and over and…

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