Opinion: The Dolphin Killing in Taiji Must Stop


I try not to get too political when reviewing films.  I have very strong opinions about animal rights, as you might have guessed from the “ads” on this site, but the purpose of FreakEngine is to review films.  This post is the exception.

Every year, between September and April, fishermen from Taiji drive pods of dolphins into a hidden cove and slaughter them.  Some get enslaved by sea parks, the rest, including entire families with young, have metal bolts driven into their spines before being “harvested” for their meat.  The entire process, from start to bloody finish, is cruel to the extreme and it must be stopped.

You may think that only animal rights activists know and care about this.  Here’s a link to an NBC News piece from January of 2014 which mentions the condemnation of the US and British ambassadors to Japan.   And yet, the killing continues.

On February 13th, Sea Shepherd is coordinating demonstrations at all Japanese embassy locations.  I will be at the protest in Los Angeles.  I love a lot of things about Japan, but I will not support a country who is willing to allow this inhumane butchering of innocent, sentient beings.

Please participate and help us tell Japan that the world has had enough of its senseless slaughter of dolphins. If you can’t attend a protest, you can post a selfie with the hashtag #worldlovefordolphinsday.  Details can be found at the Sea Shepherd site.  Let’s tell Japan that we disapprove!