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Review: The Clone Returns Home (2008)

If I had to guess who director/screenwriter Kanji Nakajima’s favorite filmmaker is, I’d pick Stanley Kubrick.  Nakajima’s feature, The Clone Returns Home, is a …


Review: Sword of the Beast (1965)

Director Hideo Gosha began his career as a very successful television director.  Sword of the Beast, his sophomore film, showed that he not …


Review: 47 Ronin (1994)

Much like the stories of A Christmas Carol or Cinderella in the west, the story of the 47 Ronin (AKA Chushingura) has inspired …


Review: Blind Woman’s Curse (1970)

The seventies weren’t kind to the Japanese film studios.  Television had made tremendous inroads in Japan and people just weren’t going to …